What’s Digital Signage Assistant?

Digital Signage Assistant is a content merging software developed as a support software for signage players with built-in displays. It allows users to create a single video file by selecting and joining multiple videos and still images, enabling smooth video transmission regardless of the functional limitations of the simple signage player. The user interface is designed to be easy for anyone to use, requiring minimal training time. A video rotation output function is also included to accommodate vertical installation as typified by SHARP information displays.

Main window

Three major points

1. multiple videos and still images are combined into a single video file

Video organization can be useful for smooth playback of built-in display signage players.

2. easy to export to USB memory

USB memory export function specifically designed for Sharp information displays.

3. support for vertical display layout

Equipped with a video rotation function, which is necessary when the display is arranged in portrait mode.

Software Features

Here are some of the useful features hidden in the simple user interface of the Digital Signage Assistants.

Drag and drop for easy editing

The Digital Signage Assistant is designed so that all basic operations can be completed with a mouse. Videos and still images can be arranged by dragging and dropping, and reordering can also be done as desired by dragging and dropping. Once the contents are arranged, simply press the export button to complete the organization.

Easy editing by drag & drop

Support for both video and still images

We often hear people say, “It’s difficult to edit video, but I can make a campaign announcement with still images,” or “I want to insert a few seconds of this still image between the video.” With Digital Signage Assistant, you can use not only video but also still images to organize your video. Especially in the case of still images, the playback time can be specified in seconds for each material, enabling a rich variety of expressions to be realized in a short time. For companies that have a nationwide presence, it is possible to use corporate videos as the basis of the organization, while using still images to insert campaign information for each region, for example.

Support for both video and still images

Automatic scaling to output resolution

The resolution of video and still images collected from various locations does not always match the resolution of the output display. Digital Signage Assistant automatically and non-destructively scales each input material to match the output resolution. The Digital Signage Assistant automatically and nondestructively scales each input material to match the output resolution, ensuring a perfect fit for the output display resolution. It also includes a scaling mode that preserves aspect ratio, making it popular for its high degree of flexibility regardless of the video material.

Auto scaling to match output resolution

Image transposition processing for vertical layout

It also supports 90-degree rotation of video images, which is necessary for vertical placement of SHARP information displays. The process of transposing vertical video to horizontal orientation can be specified for each video material, allowing for flexible application to only certain video materials delivered in different formats.

Transposition of video for vertical layout

Automatically select optimal bit rate

For compressed video streams, it is essential to set the bit rate according to the resolution. Digital Signage Assistant automatically calculates the optimal bit rate internally based on the output resolution and output frame rate you set. The Digital Signage Assistant is designed to obtain optimal image quality by automatically performing the complicated bit rate selection. This is a unique feature of the Digital Signage Assistant that takes into account busy field operations.

Automatically select the optimal bit rate

Internationalization support

The user interface has been internationalized. The user interface can be operated in Japanese in environments where Japanese can be displayed, and in English in other environments. The instruction manual is also available in English and Japanese. You can use this convenient environment both in Japan and overseas.

Internationalization support

Support for both Windows and macOS environments

It is natural that different sites have their own particular computer environments. Digital Signage Assistant supports both Windows and macOS. The same user interface can be used in both environments. Choose the package that best suits your content production site.

Windows and macOS support

Writing to USB memory

The process of writing to USB memory devices specially compatible with SHARP information displays is as simple as inserting the USB memory device into the computer and pressing the write button. Folder creation, which is required for information displays, is also handled automatically, eliminating concerns about on-site operation at a stroke.

Easy operation with a USB storage

Software Specification


Item Description
Editing features New / Delete / Sort / Copy / Paste / Rotate / Scaling / Play seconds(Image only)
Rotate None / Left / Right
Scaling Adjust to the screen / Maintain aspect ratio
Project managements New / Save / SaveAs / Delete
Input video file type .AVI / .MOV / .MP4 / .MPG / .MPEG / .WMV
Input image file type .BMP / .PNG / .JPG / .JPEG
Output video file type .MP4 / .WMV
Output video resolution 1920x1080 / 3840x2160
Output framerate 24 / 25 / 30 / 48 / 50 / 60
Output bitrate Automatically selected from the output resolution and framerate
SHARP package version USB memory writer/auto play folder management feature
License activation Activation over the Internet (No Internet connection required after activation)
User interface languages English / Japanese (Automatic switching depending on environment)
  • Even supported file formats listed in the specifications may not be handled.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Runtime Environment

Item Description
CPU Intel Core, Xeon series / AMD Ryzen series / Apple M series
System memory 8 [GB]
Minimum disk space 1 [GB]
Minimum display resolution 1270x720 [pixel]
Operating system Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11 (64-bit) / macOS (Monterey later)
System disk type Recommended SSD

Recommended Displays

The Digital Signage Assistant was developed to fit SHARP’s information displays. Here we introduce a selection of displays that best match our Digital Signage Assistants.


  • The information on this page is for reference only, and customers should make their own decisions when actually adopting the product.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by using the information on this page.


With a 4K display that has four times the number of pixels of full high definition, the PN-HW431 is ideal for delivering content that requires resolution.

Information Display 43V-type PN-HW431


The PN-Y326A, with its easy-to-handle size full HD display, is ideal for stores that are installing digital signage for the first time, as it can be easily maneuvered.

Information Display 32V type PN-Y326A

Other models

Some models with “built-in media players” may be compatible. Please refer to the following link for a list of models.

List of models with built-in media player

Evaluation Version

  • The trial version has various limitations, including the number of contents that can be registered, the length of videos that can be exported, and the insertion of watermarks on exported videos.


5th July 2022

Sharp Marketing Japan, a comprehensive proposal exhibition for corporate customers, Sharp Business Solution Fair, Notice of Exhibit.

Digital Signage Assistant will be exhibited at Sharp Business Solution Fair, a comprehensive exhibition for corporate customers by Sharp Marketing Japan Corporation. For more information, please visit https://jp.sharp/business/event/btobfair/ .

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13th July 2022 - 14th July 2022 Tokyo https://jp.sharp/business/event/ebt/
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26th July 2022 - 27th July 2022 Osaka https://jp.sharp/business/event/ebo/
3rd Aug. 2022 Sendai https://jp.sharp/business/event/ebs/
2nd Sep. 2022 Fukuoka https://jp.sharp/business/event/ebf/
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